Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Fund

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A few words from Ricky:
“My mother taught me to never give up in life, to always smile against adversity and to enjoy and appreciate the gift of life. I remember that even when she was suffering, she wanted to live longer to be able to see her children and grandchildren grow up and be by our side to help us.”
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The Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Fund

Ricky Rubio, a well-loved Minnesota Timberwolves player, has teamed up with A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation to fight the disease that claimed his mom’s life at the age of 56. Tona Vives was Ricky’s biggest fan and could often be found cheering him on from the stands at his basketball games. Her diagnosis and eventual passing came as a shock to the family and all who knew her. She was a nonsmoker and lived a healthy lifestyle. Like so many people today, the family didn’t know that lung cancer is indiscriminate – all you need to get lung cancer is lungs.

Losing Tona in the prime of her life left a painful hole in Ricky’s life, yet his greatest desire is to convert that pain to help other families avoid the sadness his family has endured.

The Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Fund allows the public an opportunity to make donations in honor of Ricky’s mother, while helping A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation fight lung cancer. The fund will be used for two purposes:

    1. To support the first Tona Vives Lung Cancer Research Award, a research fellowship that will be launched later this year in loving memory of Ricky’s mother.
    2. To support the A Breath of Hope WRAP (White Ribbon Awareness Program) which includes awareness events, public presentations, radio and TV ads and billboards. Awareness is the first step to earlier detection and lives saved from lung cancer.

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The Tona Vives Lung Cancer Research Award

Ricky knows that lung cancer research is underfunded, and this fact keeps the lung cancer survival rate at under 18%. Lung cancer is the world’s deadliest cancer claiming more lives than the next four most common cancers combined, yet research is funded disproportionately less than other cancers based on its burden on society.

Research is needed to help diagnose lung cancer earlier, improve treatments and help us understand why lung cancer strikes so many nonsmokers. Learn the facts about lung cancer.


Current lung cancer survival rate


Lung cancer kills nearly twice as many women as breast cancer


One-half of lung cancer diagnoses happen to nonsmokers

As part of the Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Fund, Ricky’s short-term goal is to raise $150,000 to fund the first Tona Vives Lung Cancer Research Award to be announced later this year. A Breath of Hope research awards (fellowships) support the salaries of promising young investigators conducting cutting-edge research.

Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Partners

Rubio page donors giving $10,000 or higher will receive Partner Benefits such as Meet & Greets with Ricky, ongoing recognition and a strong presence on Ricky’s website. Please contact us HERE for more information.

Donors: If you do not check anonymous on the donate form, your email will be shared with Ricky so he can personally thank you for your gift.

Click below to donate to Ricky’s fight against lung cancer.


Thanks for joining Team Rubio!

Every dollar is A Breath of Hope.

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  1. Sue slininger
    Sue slininger says:

    God bless you Ricky your mom raised the most amazing son on and off the court continue to be that son your mom is so proud of.


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