Research Fellowship Program

RFP Guidelines: The 2016 RFP application process is closed. Stay tuned for a 2017 RFP announcement this fall. Questions about our research program? Please contact us.


Nearly 160,000 American lives will be taken by lung cancer this year, yet research will be funded 10-20 times less than other cancers. Lack of funding drives talented young researchers away from lung cancer, despite their interest and commitment. To see statistical details about lung cancer funding click here.


In response to these crises and their contribution to an avoidable 83% U.S. lung cancer mortality rate, A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation created the A Breath of Hope Research Fellowship Program. This program uses a national Request for Proposal (RFP) grant process to identify America’s most promising lung cancer investigators to receive $150,000 research fellowships.

During A Breath of Hope grant cycles, a team of national oncology experts review applications from around the U.S. and identify two lung cancer researchers and their institutions to receive funding. Scoring advantages are given to scientists focused on translational research projects that would move from lab to patient in less than five years. Research focus areas include the biology of women and lung cancer, novel strategies for early detection and treatment of lung cancer and malignant pleural mesothelioma, predictive and prognostic markers, and approaches to overcoming acquired resistance to treatment. Read more about A Breath of Hope’s current Research Fellows Dr. Amanda Redig and Dr. Jun-Chieh (James) Tsay whose projects focus on understanding the biology of lung cancer in women and developing novel strategies for the early detection of lung cancer.