Bonnie Ziskin

bonnie-ziskinBonnie Ziskin has never been sick a day in her life. She describes herself as a driven individual who lives an adventurous and healthy lifestyle. She spends her time traveling, kayaking, riding horses and playing tennis. Bonnie lives life to the fullest and went back to school later in life to pursue a healthcare career. However, in 2012, injury and sickness came in three’s.

First, she broke her back. Then she fell and broke her knee. In October 2014, after returning from trips to Africa and Florida, Bonnie flew home for her annual physical. Unlike many doctors, Bonnie’s doctor insisted on an annual chest x-ray. This time, it showed a spot on her lung. Bonnie had a low-dose CT scan and needle biopsy which confirmed lung cancer. Bonnie underwent chemotherapy and had surgery to remove 20% of her lung. Because of early detection, Bonnie is well on her way to becoming part of the 15.8% who survive lung cancer.

Bonnie realizes her good fortune and wants to help those who experience a lung cancer diagnosis. She started a retail business called It Was Just A Bump In The Road to support lung cancer survivors. She plans on donating all proceeds from her business to A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. Bonnie’s products can be found at

Today, Bonnie continues to live an active lifestyle. Although she longs for good news at each routine checkup, her positive attitude has allowed her to tackle many of life’s biggest challenges. She doesn’t live with a bucket list because life is too short. In the summer of 2015, Bonnie and her husband traveled to Europe and biked from Vienna to Budapest, a total of over 150 miles, with 80% lung capacity!

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