2019 Research Matching Challenge Grant

We did it! The Fruth Family Foundation honored Katherine Bensen with a generous gift designated to research. Inspired by Katherine’s bravery in battling stage 4 lung cancer since 2014, the Foundation matched all A Breath of Hope gifts made by the end of the year up to $50,000. Great news – $50,000 of our $50,000 goal has been raised! Thank  you to everyone that donated!

Lung cancer claims more lives each year than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined, yet lung cancer receives disproportionately less government funding per cancer death than other types of cancer. This means that private funding for research focused on lung cancer is vital to saving lives.


Thank you to the following individuals & organizations that contributed to this match:

Abbie B. Elizabeth M. Judith H. Mike W. Sharon R.
Amy Z. Elswick Live to Give Judy M. MJ M. Sharon S.
Andie O. Forrest N. Jr. Judy W. Mo K. Shelley S.
Angie M. Gail J. Julie & Tom M. Mohammed K. Shelly B.
Ann B. Gary B. Julie S. Monaie L. Sisters of St. Joseph
Becky & Jim L. Gaye D. Julie S. Myrna C. Stacey B.
Bennett S. Gordon G. Karen R. Nancy S. Stefanie D.
Bonnie M. Gwen T. Kathleen C. Nanette D. Steve J.
Boston Scientific Hannah B. Katie S. Nicole R. Sue K.
Brandon S. Helene P. Kevin W. Patricia A. Sue L.
Brian G. Helene P. Kurt J. Patricia M. Sue M.
Brooke M. Helga C. Laura H. Patricia M. Suzanne D.
Bruce F. Hellen K. Laura H. Patrick F. Suzette O.
Bruce G. Holly S. Lee H. Paul H. Suzy W.
Butch O. James D. Liz S. Peg F. Tallie S.
Carol Anne T. James H. Lorraine V. Penny B. Tara D.
Carol L. James P. Lorri N. Raquel D. Terri P.
Cecelia G. James S. Margo C. Rf Smart Terry Z.
Christian M. James W. Marie B. Rhonda P. Theodore P.
Christopher D. Jane G. Marjorie N. Richard Y. Theresa P.
Cindy N. Janet R. Mary B. Rick N. Thomas J.
Cleta T. Jean S. Mary E. Rita C. Thomas K.
Corey J. Jeff & Dena E. Mary M. Robert & Judith H. Thomas K.
Craig M. Jeff A. Mary N. Robert B. Tom G.
Curt A. Jeff T. Mary P. Robyn M. Tom M.
Daniel B. Jeffrey K. Mary Pat G. Sally D. Tony A.
Darlene V. Jenell S. Mary Z. Sally P. Tony B.
Dave D. Jennifer C. Maryanna S. Sandi K. Trista O.
Dave W. Jennifer D. Matthew S. Sandi L. Trudy R.
David & Violet E. Jennifer K. Maureen F. Sandra S. Warren A.
David W. Jenny T. Melonae K. Sandy & Mike H. William E.
Deb L. Jerry J. Michael M. Sara D. William M.
Dee A. Jodi T. Michelle G. Sarabeth S. Yeung H.
Dorothy F. John & Jonell C. Michelle T. Sergio S. Robert H.
Elizabeth K. John & Patricia K. Micki H. Shanda B. McEllistrem, Farione, Landy, Rorvig & Eken, P.A.

Olimometer 2.52

Bensen family.

Katherine and her son.

Katherine and her husband.