Host an Event

Individual Fundraising Events and Partner Events are a great way to use your personal hobbies and talents to support A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. We would love to work with you on planning an event that benefits ABOHLF.

Use an event idea from the list below, or brainstorm your own!

  • Host an ABOHLF House Party!
  • Ask your favorite local restaurant or bar to donate an evening of proceeds to ABOHLF
  • Have a yard sale
  • Sell your arts and crafts or hobbies
  • Host a jewelry party, fashion show or Tupperware party
  • Throw a theme party – Valentines’ Day, 4th of July Picnic, summer BBQ, Birthday Party
  • Host a special dinner, potluck or bake sale
  • Make a coupon book offering services that can involve your children or neighborhood… baby sitting, bagging groceries, helping at a birthday party. Be creative!
  • Ask your co-workers, place of worship or fitness center friends to get involved
  • Create a fundraising team for an A Breath of Hope Lung Run/Walk

Interested in hosting an event?  Email