Host an Event

Third-Party and Partner Events are a great way to use your personal hobbies and talents to support A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. We would love to work with you on planning an event that benefits ABOHLF.

Use a Third-Party Event idea from the list below, or brainstorm your own!

  • Host an ABOHLF House Party!
  • Ask your favorite local restaurant or bar to donate an evening of proceeds to ABOHLF
  • Have a yard sale
  • Sell your arts and crafts or hobbies
  • Host a jewelry party, fashion show or Tupperware party
  • Throw a theme party – Valentines’ Day, 4th of July Picnic, summer BBQ, Birthday Party
  • Host a special dinner, potluck or bake sale
  • Make a coupon book offering services that can involve your children or neighborhood… baby sitting, bagging groceries, helping at a birthday party. Be creative!
  • Ask your co-workers, place of worship or fitness center friends to get involved
  • Create a fundraising team for an A Breath of Hope Lung Run/Walk

Past Third-Party Events

Interested in hosting an event? The links below will help you get started.

Partner Events:
Policies and Procedures

Third-Party Events:
Policies and Procedures
Guidelines and Agreement Form
Contribution Form
Contribution Tracking Form