Faces of Lung Cancer Video Series

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation is proud to present a new video series: The Faces of Lung Cancer. The series features 16 individuals that are living with lung cancer, sharing their stories and advocating for greater understanding around this disease. There are three main videos; Women and Lung Cancer; Stop the Stigma; and What You Should Know About Lung Cancer. Individual videos of each participant will be added as they are completed.

Women and Lung Cancer:

The first video in the series showcases 11, nonsmoking, Minnesota women that have been diagnosed with lung cancer. This video hits home with a powerful message for women.

Stop the Stigma:

The smoking stigma tied to lung cancer slows the progress in early detection and funding for research. Help us spread the truth and shine a light on this inaccurate and unkind stigma.

What You Should Know About Lung Cancer:

More research, more awareness and expanded screening guidelines will lead to earlier detection and more lives saved.

Individual: Katherine Bensen

Katherine Bensen, a nonsmoker, was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer at 40 years old.

Individual: Chelsi Terwey

After being diagnosed with pneumonia, Chelsi, a never-smoker, didn’t think that it could (and would) turn out to be lung cancer.

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