February 2020 Newsletter


2020 A Breath of Hope Screening Grants:

Announcing three $10,000 screening grants for Minnesota lung cancer screening programs that are committed to screening more Minnesotans for earlier detection of lung cancer.

ABOH screening grants are part of our larger nationwide effort to overcome the many barriers to screening and improve an alarming stat: 70% of lung cancer cases are diagnosed in Stages 3 or 4. With a five-year survival rate of less than 20%, it is imperative that we work together to remove screening barriers and expand the current eligibility guidelines to include risk factors beyond smoking and age.

To raise awareness about screening, we are also excited to release our third Faces of Lung Cancer video today which illustrates the truth about who this disease affects and the reasons we must not give up our fight. View all the Faces of Lung Cancer videos on our website.

Screening grant proposals are due May 1, 2020. RFP here.

Collaborations for Better Outcomes:

A Breath of Hope knows that its supporters desire smart collaborations that will quicken the pace of the efforts being made to improve survivorship. With this in mind, we are honored to partner with:

  • Lung cancer screening leaders from most of Minnesota’s healthcare organizations to improve our lung cancer screening programs and overcome barriers to screening (read about the MN Screening Task Force);
  • Researchers from institutions across the country that have focused their careers and research on improving early detection and late stage treatments for lung cancer (2020 research award process underway – read more);
  • The MN Cancer Alliance and MN Department of Health to execute the MN Cancer Plan focused on improving all cancer outcomes through prevention, early detection, treatment and patient care;
  • Mechanisms in Medicine to offer patient education that cuts across cultures, education levels and learning styles to deliver important information to all lung cancer patients and their caregivers (visit our Animated Patient’s Guide to Lung Cancer);
  • The National Lung Cancer Roundtable hosted by ACS to address barriers to lung cancer screening, stigma and other roadblocks that keep the lung cancer mortality rate high; and
  • Local legislators, Medical Alley and other key players from the MN cancer field to improve access to and quality of clinical trials.


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