Other ways you can help

Amazon-Smile-Logo-01-300x81-1In addition to your generous donations, other fundraising ideas include, but are not limited to:
(Choose an activity that matches your interests)

  • Host a special dinner, potluck or bake sale
  • Create an awareness event at a local restaurant or bar
  • Throw a theme party – Valentines’ Day, 4th of July Picnic, BBQ any time
  • Sports events
  • Rummage Sales, Bazaars
  • Sell your arts and crafts or hobbies
  • Make a coupon book offering services that can involve your children or neighborhood… baby sitting, bagging groceries, helping at a birthday party. Be creative!
  • Sell bandanas, hats, or wrist bands to your team members
  • Host a Tupperware, jewelry, or other party and donate proceeds
  • Host a fashion show

Or, if you need help organizing a fundraising event, please contact Kathy Casmer at abreathofhope@mchsi.com or at 952-401-3262.