Ambassador Program


Hope and positive energy are known to bring healing. Every time we support a lung cancer patient, we have taken a step forward in the battle against this disease. A lung cancer diagnosis is frightening, regardless of the situation. Everyone can benefit from support and encouragement.

What is an A Breath of Hope Ambassador?

A Breath of Hope Ambassadors are volunteers who have been personally touched by cancer and want to volunteer their time to help others cope with lung cancer. Some are survivors, some have lost loved ones. All Ambassadors have experienced the pain and fear evoked by a cancer diagnosis, and are willing to volunteer their time to others.

What do A Breath of Hope Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors can play three primary roles in the ongoing fight against lung cancer.

  1. Transportation: Ambassadors provide patients with transportation to oncology appointments, treatment and support groups. They may also sit at the bedside of someone who is receiving chemotherapy without the support of a family member or friend at their side.
  2. Companionship: Ambassadors provide support to patients and patient’s family members through phone calls or in-person meetings. Their role is to listen and offer hope and companionship during the emotional roller coaster of a cancer diagnosis.
  3. Awareness/Education: Ambassadors are messengers who carry information that can save lives to the public. Ambassadors speak publicly about lung cancer facts, causes, symptoms and preventative measures.

If you or someone you know would make a great ambassador, please contact us.

Ambassador Program Health System Partners

The Ambassador Program is available at the following Minnesota hospitals:

  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  • Fairview Riverside Hospital
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Mercy Hospital
  • North Memorial Health Hospital
  • Regions Hospital
  • United Hospital
  • University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center

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Ambassador Testimonial  
“My husband found out he needed radiation for twenty consecutive days and even with our five adult children, finding rides was difficult. My kids had to take vacation time from work just to drive him to appointments. One day our nurse, Jody, handed us an A Breath of Hope brochure and said ‘They’re waiting for you to call.’ I called the office and gave them my husband’s treatment schedule. They matched us up with a volunteer right away. I thought, ‘oh boy this is a life saver.’ Our A Breath of Hope Ambassadors are just wonderful. They’re here on time and they’re friendly. There’s no guesswork. They won’t take money for gas, so instead we donate to A Breath of Hope to show our support. You don’t know how much of a life saver this program has been. We are so thankful.”  – LeaAnn Eng