Hope, Eats & Joy Program

Chelsi, her husband Eric and their beautiful children; Alexis (9 years old) and Cooper (6 years old) at the 2019 Lung Run/Walk. RIP Chelsi.

“I have never had as much food in my apartment as I do right now! I am so grateful.” -Terri A., Plymouth

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation is pleased to be offering $200 of free groceries to lung cancer survivors in the Twin Cities of MN. The program was created early in 2020 to address the many challenges our community faces during this pandemic, and we continue to offer it in loving memory of our dear friend, Chelsi, who lost her battle with lung cancer in the fall of 2020.

Because those living with lung cancer are at higher risk for complications resulting from COVID-19, this program is an easy way for us to keep our survivors safe and help them during this public health emergency. A Breath of Hope’s volunteers shop for and deliver groceries (up to $200 value) and a bouquet of flowers to survivors. Our goal is to keep those living with lung cancer out of the stores and protected from Coronavirus as much as possible.

“I received my food and my shopper got everything on my list, and more. Thank you so very much. The flowers are so pretty, too!” -Sandy J., Columbia Heights

Survivors: Please contact Jill to order your groceries!

Are you an ABOH volunteer that would like to shop for and deliver groceries to families affected by lung cancer? Please email us here.

Hope, Eats & Joy Heroes: 

Thank you to the incredible people listed below that have donated to this fund and dedicated themselves to helping lung cancer survivors and their families during the COVID-19 crisis. Interested in supporting this new program? Donate now

Steve M. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Kelly G. Denise W.
Dan G. Amy G. Julie W. Andrea O.
Sue C. James & Betty H. Mary Jean P. Susan M.
Beth S. Katherine J. Jerry & Nancy T. Trudy R.
Cox Insurance Associates Erin S. Carol G. Connie E.
James B. Joni A. Marc K. Elizabeth W.
Katie H. Dennis V. Kelly G. Len T.
Tim F. Wendy K.

Please Note: Once this program is no longer deemed necessary, all remaining funds will be reallocated to the Patient & Family Support Program.