Liquid Biopsy and Biomarker Testing; Why it Matters and How it Works

Midwest Lung Cancer Patient Summit Presentation:

Rachael Malmberg, NeoGenomics, Director of Patient Engagement; Katie Thompson, Precision Medicine Manager


Rachael Drazan Malmberg

Rachael is the Director of Patient Engagement at NeoGenomics Laboratories. She is responsible for the development and implementation of all patient programs enterprise wide. Rachael’s mission is to ensure all patients receive proper testing, financial support, education, clinical trials matching, and the best treatment for each of their unique journeys.

Rachael is a Lung Cancer survivor, diagnosed with Stage IV EGFR Positive Non-Small Cell Lung cancer in 2017. Rachael’s goal is to advocate for others with lung cancer and to provide education and raise awareness of the issues patients with lung cancer deal with on a regular basis. Rachael has been involved with communicating the concerns about radon as a cancer causing agent and making people aware of how easily radon can be mitigated. She has worked with legislators to bring about change in the Minnesota school system to ensure radon is tested in schools throughout Minnesota. Rachael has participated in the Department of Defense Consumer Review Program and Programmatic Review Program helping to fund and advance research in lung cancer. She continues to work as an advocate of those with lung cancer hoping to someday achieve awareness and funding to stop this deadly disease.


Katie Thompson 

Katie Thompson has spent her career within the science and healthcare industry focusing on melanoma, breast, and lung cancer. Her belief in personalized medicine and tumor biology has led her to join NeoGenomics Laboratories as a Precision Medicine Manager. There, she focuses on a genomic based, non-small cell lung cancer test called InVision First-Lung. Katie is passionate about education and making sure patients have the resources they need to make the most informed decisions about their care.