Lung Cancer 101 – Becoming a Well-Informed Patient.

Midwest Lung Cancer Patient Summit Presentation:

Shirley Kern, APRN, CNS, AOCN, North Memorial, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist


Shirley Kern

Shirley Kern is an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist at North Memorial Health Hospital and Cancer Center. She works with a multidisciplinary team to facilitate a seamless patient experience in the hospital and clinic settings. She works to maximize the health outcomes of oncology patients and helps them overcome barriers to healthcare by supporting a coordinated approach to the treatment plan. She has been an oncology nurse for 27 years and loves the contact with patients and their families.

Shirley is active in the Oncology Nursing Society and she is one of the founding board members of the Upper Midwest Oncology Education Network. She holds an Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification and was named the March of Dimes Minnesota Oncology Nurse of the Year in 2018.