March 2019

MARCH MATCH! In honor of Katherine Bensen and her battle with stage 4 lung cancer, the Fruth Family Foundation has donated a $10,000 match for first time donors, returning lapsed donors (no gift in 2018), new circle of light members OR sustainers ($30/month), and those who wish to increase their giving level from 2018. To double your gift to research or learn about ways to give, click here, choose TRIBUTE, then leave Katherine’s name in the comment box. Thank you for your support!

Clinical TrialsKatherine’s Journey

Doctors and scientists are always looking for better ways to care for patients with lung cancer. To make scientific advances, doctors create research studies involving volunteers, called clinical trials. In fact, every drug that is now approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was previously tested in clinical trials.

Many clinical trials are focused on new treatments, evaluating whether a new treatment is safe, effective, and possibly better than the current (standard) treatment. These studies evaluate new drugs and methods of treatment, new approaches to existing treatments, and new prevention methods. Patients who participate in clinical trials are often among the first to receive new treatments before they are widely available. However, there is no guarantee that the new treatment will be safe, effective, or better than a standard treatment.

Patients decide to participate in clinical trials for many reasons. For some patients, a clinical trial is the best treatment option available. Because standard treatments are not perfect or maybe have stopped working, patients are willing to face the added uncertainty of a clinical trial in the hope of a better result. Other patients volunteer for clinical trials because they know that these studies are the only way to make progress in treating lung cancer. Even if they do not benefit directly from the clinical trial, their participation may benefit future patients.

Katherine Bensen, an inspiring, brave and well-loved stage 4 lung cancer survivor, began her first clinical trial last week and will chronicle her journey to encourage other survivors to consider participating in a clinical trial in the name of research and progress. Follow Katherine’s story on the ABOH Blog.


Women’s Wellness Tea Speakers!

Keynote speaker: Sarah Ruddell Beach on Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Well-Being. Sarah will introduce us to the practice of mindfulness for managing every day stressors. Whether you seek general wellness, healing or deeper tranquility, Sarah will teach us techniques that can transform the way in which we relate to the stressors in our lives, thereby reducing their power. Tea guests will learn simple strategies for stress reduction and life-long well-being.

Nutrition Breakout. Speaker Carolyn Suerth Hudson, RDN, LD from Nutritional Weight and Wellness on Nutrition: Eat Right to Sleep Tight. Let’s face it, most of us are sleep deprived. Carolyn will help guide you toward a diet of specific foods and nutrients that are critical for sleep. Discover delicious bedtime snacks and tips that can help you sleep through the night.

Journaling Breakout. Speaker Jessica Chung of Pretty Prints & Paper on Journaling: Planning for Self-care. Jessica is passionate about helping others uncover their personal power and potential through connection, creative planning and calligraphy. In her breakout session, attendees will focus on finding a personal approach to journaling through brainstorming, reflection and discussion.

Mindfulness Breakout. Speaker Paula Sandberg from Pathways Healing Center on Mindfulness: Stress Less. Learn ways to incorporate more mindfulness into your daily life through breathing and meditating. Paula will lead you through a meditation called Loving Kindness using words, images and feelings to evoke a loving kindness and friendliness toward oneself and others.

Survivor Squad. This powerful group of young, female lung cancer survivors will wow you with their courage, positivity and testimonies!

A special thanks to our 2019 Women’s Wellness Tea sponsorAllina Health!
See you Saturday!