Mutations and Biomarkers

Manish Patel, OD:

Dr. Patel is the Associate Professor of Medicine and a medical oncologist at the University of Minnesota specializing in the care of patients with lung cancer. He is engaged in lung cancer research trying to develop novel therapies in his laboratory as well as in early phase clinical trials to be applied to lung cancer patients.







Aaron Mansfield, MD:

Dr. Mansfield is a medical oncologist with a focus on thoracic malignancies and early therapeutics. He has played a significant role in clinical trials leading to FDA approval of agents in lung cancer including atezolizumab for small cell lung cancer and pralsetinib for RET-fusion non-small cell lung cancer. His laboratory runs many translational projects to discover and validate biomarkers in thoracic malignancies.






Naomi Fujioka, MD:

Dr. Fujioka is a medical oncologist at the University of Minnesota specializing in thoracic and head/neck malignancies. She is involved in clinical trials. Her research interest is in food-based chemoprevention of tobacco-related lung cancer.


Midwest Lung Cancer Patient Summit Presentation:

Mutations and Biomarkers – Manish Patel, OD, University of Minnesota, Aaron Mansfield, MD, Mayo Clinic and Naomi Fujioka, MD, University of Minnesota

The outcomes of patients with lung cancer have improved largely on the strength of research that has identified biomarkers (DNA mutations or proteins) that are unique to individual patients that can allow us to target therapy more specifically. We will discuss the ramifications of these biomarkers and how they are currently used to decide upon treatments for lung cancer.