Preparing for A Good Death

Anne Murphy:

Bringing ceremonies to life with a hands on approach to death. Acknowledging the thresholds of life require deep listening, gentle support, and practical information. With almost a decade of working as a celebrant, death educator and home vigil guide, Anne offers her presence, guidance, and expertise to discover how to make meaning through thoughtful conversations, sincerity, and creativity.

Anne is the Co-Founder of Minnesota Death Collaborative, served as a board member on the National Home Funeral Alliance and continues to volunteer for the National End of Life Doula Association, Crescent Cove and the Land Conservation Natural Burial group.





Jane Whitlock:

Jane is a trained end of life doulaand CNA. She didn’t start that way. But after her husband’s death from cancer she realized how unprepared she had been. She helps families at home on hospice prepare for what is to come on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.





Midwest Lung Cancer Patient Summit Presentation:

Preparing for A Good Death – Jane Whitlock, End-of-Life Doula and Anne Murphy, Celebrant, Home Vigil Guide, Death Educator

Embracing death as a natural part of life and planning for it in thoughtful and loving ways can support everyone involved. Come curious to hear about death doulas, green burials, home vigils and how to have meaningful end of life conversations with your family and friends. Through candid storytelling, humor and straight forward information we will highlight some of the choices out there so that you can make end of life decisions based on your values and beliefs. Death, though final, is a part of life and integral to our wholeness as humans. Our hope is that you will leave clearer about your choices and who can support them.