Open RFP

2021 A Breath of Hope Research Award – The Peg-Fisher Jullie Fight for Life Award – $150,000

  • Submission of an online letter of intent (LOI) will be the first step for investigators seeking a grant from the Foundation. The LOI form will be available from September 1 through October 15, 2020. The deadline for LOI submission was 11:59 pm, October 15, 2020. This process is now closed – please check back in 2021.
  • Upon review of submitted LOI’s, A Breath of Hope will invite up to 15 finalists to submit a full application using our online forms.

2021 RFP/Award Timeline:

•       Sept. 1, 2020: Announcement – Request for a letter of inquiry (LOI)

•       Oct. 15, 2020: Deadline for LOI submission – online forms reviewed by local ABOH research committee

•       Oct. 30, 2020: Up to 15 investigators invited to submit a full proposal

•       Dec. 15, 2020: Deadline for full proposal submission

•       Dec. 15, 2020 – Jan. 15, 2021: National Scientific Advisory Committee scores 15 proposals;

•       Jan. 15-25, 2021: ABOH Research Committee conducts a phone interview with finalists (and their mentor if applicable)

•       Jan. 25, 2021: Winner notified

•       Feb. 1, 2021: Winner announced; grant contract sent to the institution; first payment of $37,500 to the institution (timing of first payment dependent on institution signing/returning ABOH grant contract)

2020 A Breath of Hope Katherine Bensen Hope Award – $150,000 – is now closed. Award recipient: Esra Akbay

  • A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation’s $150,000 Katherine Bensen Hope Award Research Fellowship – View RFP
    • The 2020 request for proposals is now closed. If you have questions, please email

2021 Research Award Timeline:

Peg Fisher-Jullie Fight For Life Award Critical Dates Action
September 1, 2020 Announcement of request for letters of intent. Funded projects will focus on reducing the lung cancer mortality rate through improved early detection methods or late-stage treatments.
October 15, 2020 Deadline for submission of eligibility questionnaire and letter of intent.
October 30, 2020 Selected researchers will be invited to submit a full application.
December 15, 2020 Deadline for submission of full application.
January 15 – 25, 2021 National Scientific Advisory Council Peer Review and Scoring followed by review conducted by the A Breath of Hope Research Committee.
February 1, 2021 Public announcement of award recipients.
March 2021 First installment issued to institution.
August 15, 2021 First research progress report due.
September 2021 Second installment issued to institution.
February 15, 2022 Second research progress report due.
March 2022 Third installment issued to institution.
August 15, 2022 Third research progress report due.
September 2022 Fourth installment issued to institution.
March 2023 Final research progress report and impact summary due.

Questions about this timeline? Contact us.