Updates in the Field

The lung cancer landscape is changing rapidly. At A Breath of Hope, we believe that sharing information and empowering those living with lung cancer is the best way to continue to move the needle. Here is a list of research updates and articles that are affecting the lung cancer field right now. (If you have a suggested update or research to share, please email Research@ABreathofHope.org.)

    • Lung Cancer Project stigma research: Since the initial study in 2012, there has been a small – but promising – decrease in the hidden stigma around lung cancer. Learn more about this exciting research here. (The Lung Cancer Project, 2019)



    •  Geographic Inequalities in Progress against Lung Cancer among Women in the United States: A paper published recently shows “hot spot” areas where mortality for lung cancer among women lags behind national progress. Parts of the Midwest is in one of these “hot spots,” with 81 counties in southern MN and WI demonstrating a 7% increase. This is in contrast with the steady decline in national lung cancer death rates among women since the mid-2000s. Abstract available here.