Robbi Fanberg

robbi-fanbergRobbi Fanberg and her husband have been missionaries for 27 years in Central and South America. Their most recent project involved starting a coffee shop to try to establish relationships with the people of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Running a business involved hard work and Robbi began to feel overwhelmingly fatigued. It seemed normal given her workload. She didn’t have time off and she pushed herself to do as much as she could each day. Robbi began to have difficulties breathing. She couldn’t use the stairs or even walk a short distance without becoming completely out of breath.

Finally, she decided she had to see the doctor. The doctor did a chest x-ray that showed she had fluid around her lung. Robbi was put in the hospital immediately. Following more tests and scans, Robbi received a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. She was stunned because she didn’t know nonsmokers could get lung cancer.

Robbi has now become an A Breath of Hope Speaker and is quick to advise CT scans for those who present lung cancer symptoms. Symptoms might include a nagging cough, shoulder pain or shortness of breath that doesn’t go away. Robbi works hard to remain positive during her journey and feels encouraged by attending support groups. She has learned the importance of being able to share her feelings with other cancer patients who are experiencing a similar journey. Robbi also feels encouraged by improvements in treatment due to recent lung cancer research findings, however she knows the field is still dramatically underfunded.

Lung cancer screening saves lives. Talk to your doctor. Be your own advocate.
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