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A few words from Ricky:
“My mother taught me to never give up in life, to always smile against adversity and to enjoy and appreciate the gift of life. I remember that even when she was suffering, she wanted to live longer to be able to see her children and grandchildren grow up and be by our side to help us.”
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Tona Vives Research Award Press Release
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Nearly two years ago, A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation began partnering with NBA Star Ricky Rubio. Ricky had recently lost his mother, Tona, to lung cancer at the age of 56. Tona was a healthy, active nonsmoker and her diagnosis came as a shock to all who knew her, especially her husband and children. Like so many of us in this field, it quickly became apparent to the family that lung cancer, the world’s number one cancer killer, does not receive the recognition or funding it needs to save lives. Once Ricky’s family learned that less than 18% survive five years past a lung cancer diagnosis, they decided to fight back.

Ricky has used his star power and connections to spread awareness about lung cancer across the world. He created a fundraising page with ABOH to raise funds for the research grant named for his mother and drew in more than $60,000 in public donations. A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation is grateful for this partnership and the chance to fund research that focuses on Women & Lung Cancer.

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The Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Fund

Ricky Rubio, from well-loved Minnesota Timberwolves player to Utah Jazz star, teamed up with A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation in 2016 to fight the disease that claimed his mom’s life at the young age of 56. Tona Vives was Ricky’s biggest fan and could often be found cheering for him from the stands at his basketball games. Her diagnosis and eventual passing came as a shock to the family and all who knew her. She was a nonsmoker and lived a healthy lifestyle. Like so many people today, the family didn’t know that lung cancer is indiscriminate – all you need to get lung cancer is lungs.

Losing Tona in the prime of her life left a painful hole in Ricky’s life, yet his greatest desire is to convert that pain to help other families avoid the sadness his family has endured.

The Tona Vives Lung Cancer Awareness Fund allows the public an opportunity to make donations in honor of Ricky’s mother, while helping A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation fight lung cancer. This award focuses on understanding the growing number of lung cancer cases among women and the role that estrogen plays in this trend.

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