MN Lung Cancer Screening Task Force

Task Force Mission Statement: Decrease lung cancer mortality in Minnesota through increased screening.

The Minnesota Lung Cancer Screening Task Force is a collaboration of physicians, nurses, screening experts and lung cancer advocacy organizations committed to getting eligible Minnesotans screened annually with low dose CT scans. As a collaborative body of healthcare professionals, we work to improve the number of Minnesotans screened for lung cancer and the quality of our programs.

Mark your calendars for the 2020 statewide meeting at 8:00 a.m. Friday, September 18th in Minneapolis. For more information, drop us an email.

It all started with the Minnesota Cancer Alliance’s MN Cancer Plan. The task force’s work ties directly to objective #4 in the state cancer plan: Increase low-dose CT scan screening among persons at high risk for lung cancer.

Every healthcare organization in Minnesota was invited to send up to eight people to the third task force meeting held September 27, 2019 in Minneapolis. Over 70 healthcare professionals from 28 organizations gathered to identify strategies to overcome Minnesota’s low lung cancer screening rate. Stay tuned for updates.



Steering Committee: Nancy Torrison, ABOHLF; Matt Flory, ACS; Abbie Begnaud, MD, U of MN; Anuja Sharma, MD and Andrew Burgdorf, MD, Allina Health; Arek Dudek, MD, PhD, Health Partners; Angela Fabbrini and Anne Melzer, MD, Minneapolis VA; Karla Provost, Essentia Duluth; and Sandra Japuntich, PhD, HCMC; and patient representatives – Julie Swedberg and Curt Anderson.

Additional information: Case Study by Sanford Medical Center