Stacy Strojny

stacy-strojny-donateLike many people, I hadn’t heard much, if anything, about lung cancer. I didn’t know that lung cancer was the #1 cancer killer with only a 17% survival rate. Why hadn’t I heard that? Why doesn’t that make the news?

I unfortunately had to find out the hard way. My mother, Sally Dale, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in the fall of 2010. My mother had been seeking medical help for a persistent cough for six months prior to her diagnosis. It wasn’t until months later that they finally did a CT and discovered a spot on her lung.

Maybe if I, or my family, knew more about lung cancer, were aware of the symptoms that are commonly misdiagnosed or were aware of early detection options, my mom would have had a chance to fight this disease. She fought for two years before passing away at age 65.

Knowledge is power. If we had known more about lung cancer, I believe our outcome would have been different. Now that I have the knowledge, I want to share it with others. That is why I  donate to and volunteer for A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. They are passionate and committed to raising awareness and supporting individuals and families that are affected by lung cancer. They have and will continue to have an impact in this world and I want to be a part of it! I can’t think of a better way to honor my mom.

– Stacy Strojny