Volunteer of the Month: David Flannery

volunteer-david-flanneryDavid Flannery joined the A Breath of Hope Ambassador Program as a volunteer driver in December 2015. The Ambassador Program utilizes trained volunteers to provide rides, companionship and hope to lung cancer patients who face lung cancer alone or without the support they need.

Lung cancer patients that David has provided rides for describe him as a kind, compassionate and caring person. He is a very committed, conscientious volunteer who responds timely to patient requests and follows protocol to the letter. David selflessly thanks ABOHLF for allowing him to serve as a volunteer driver, although the pleasure is ours!

David knows the hardship a diagnosis can cause because he has experienced lung cancer in his family and is a survivor himself. David said, “I do this driving because I can and because, from my own experiences with doctors, therapies and illness, I know that every assist, no matter how small, is important and is one less thing a person has to worry about and focus on. Once I started driving, I discovered how much I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing how courageous, kind and interesting people can be even as they work through really hard things. I will continue to drive when I’m needed because it’s been very satisfying.”

Thank you, David, for generously serving lung cancer patients and their family members. You make a difference in people’s lives and at A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation.