Volunteer of the Month: Kelly Link

Picture of Kelly and Steve Link

Kelly is an event/administration volunteer at ABOH. She brings passion, attention to detail, and wonderful energy to everything she does. “Above and beyond,” is the phrase that staff use to describe her.

Kelly became involved at ABOH after her husband Steve, a Musculoskeletal Radiologist, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Kelly explains that the reason she volunteers is that she needs to be involved with people working to fight lung cancer. She wants to know everything she can about the disease. She hopes her work will provide research, awareness, and education.

Thank you, Kelly, for your commitment and passion! You are greatly appreciated.

FROM KELLY: “A lung cancer diagnosis was the last thing on my mind when my husband had a rib x-ray after an injury while on vacation. Living a healthy, active lifestyle, and being a non-smoker, I couldn’t believe that somehow Steve now had Stage IIIA lung cancer. Steve and I were devastated with this news. Our lives had now changed forever. It was then that our fight with cancer began. My brother-in-law invited us to the ABOH gala last fall. After attending, Steve and I knew immediately that ABOH was where we wanted to commit our time, energy, and resources. ABOH is filled with people who have been affected by lung cancer and are passionate about both finding a cure and ending the smoking stigma. ABOH allows me to give back, to get involved, and to be an advocate for lung cancer research. I can also inform others of the shocking statistics surrounding lung cancer. Being involved is uplifting. I appreciate volunteering with passionate people whose mission is to fight the disease that has changed the course of so many lives. I believe that A Breath of Hope is just that. It is hope. It is hope for a future for those who fight this disease. I am honored to be part of the mission.”