Volunteer of the Month: Renee Vraa

Volunteer of the Month May 2018 Renee Vraa

Renee is an event volunteer at ABOH and has been a great help to our staff. Our event coordinator, Anna, explains, “Renee will do just about anything we ask her to. She’s a huge help. She’s also a great spokesperson for ABOH.” If you have purchased an item at one of our silent auctions, it’s quite possible that Renee secured the donation. She has also arranged for ABOH to speak at local businesses.

Renee says that she doesn’t like asking for things but if it’s for something that she feels passionate about, she’ll get the job done.

Renee’s enthusiasm and love for ABOH is contagious.

Thank you, Renee, for your commitment and passion! You are greatly appreciated.

FROM RENEE: “Lung cancer wasn’t something that was on my mind until my amazing 47-year-old, non-smoking sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer in September 2017. Then my fantastic Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2017. When he lost his battle on June 2, 2017, lung cancer was almost the only thing on my mind. When I pushed to get a CT scan and was diagnosed with Stage 1 lung cancer myself in December 2017, I knew I had to help. I am driven to honor my Dad, to support my sister who is thriving with Stage 4 lung cancer, and to give back for the blessing I was given to catch my lung cancer early. I want more people to have this same chance.

ABOH is doing amazing work to make that happen and to work toward a cure. The mission of raising awareness, funding research and supporting patients and their families is exactly what is needed. Everyone I have met through volunteering has been so supportive, courageous and inspirational. My experience with ABOH has given me and countless others just that – ‘a breath of hope’. I am honored to be able to help in supporting this mission in any way I can.”