Volunteer of the Month – Tricia Wilkinson

Tricia-volunteer-nov15Tricia Wilkinson is a stage III lung cancer survivor who wants to give back to others who have received a frightening lung cancer diagnosis. At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with lung cancer for the first time. Tricia’s journey is powerful and her recovery impressive. We are grateful for her determination to turn a tragic circumstance into a way to give back.

Tricia volunteers as an A Breath of Hope Ambassador, driving patients to treatment, offering her companionship as they navigate their lung cancer journey, and speaking to civic organizations to promote the work of A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. Tricia is a compelling speaker for lung cancer, especially as a mostly nonsmoking, young female. Tricia also volunteers at ABOH events and is co-chair of the annual Women’s Wellness Tea in March.

Thank you Tricia for your dedication and support of A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. Read more about Tricia’s lung cancer journey and recovery.