2023 Midwest Lung Cancer Summit Speaker

Clare Poulose and Russ Davies of Survial2Strength – Strength/Cardio Training, Stretching and Flexibility


Clare Poulose is an experienced cancer exercise specialist. She started Survival2Strength to help people who have had cancer to get stronger and healthier. Clare explains, “physical activity such as aerobic exercise, flexibility, and strength training have the same benefits for cancer survivors as they do for the general population.”



Russ Davies

Russ Davies is a medical device industry professional and has held senior executive roles in medical device businesses in Europe and the United States. He is a mechanical engineer by training, and holds an MBA from the Open Business School in the United Kingdom.

Russ earned his Certified Personal Fitness Trainer certification, including Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist and Mental Toughness credentials with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and Cancer Exercise Trainer expertise from an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) training workshop. Russ applies his extensive knowledge and experience from his medical device background into personal fitness and wellness training. 

Session Description

There will be a short discussion of how physical activity helps decrease risk of cancer, followed by movement and strength instruction. Instruction will cover a few of the general principles of balance and strength development. You are welcome to participate in the movement activity or to observe.