Lung Cancer Stories

Each lung cancer survivor’s journey is unique, yet there are common themes throughout their stories. We are inspired by the people we meet and the strength, determination, persistence, and hope that they carry with them. Our survivors inspire us every day. We share survivor stories here as a tribute to each survivor and a reminder that they are not alone.

Lung Cancer Patients Sharing Their Personal Stories


FEATURED STORY – Patty Berthiaume




Lauren Coye


Linda Petrick

Cindy Nelson

Colette Smith

Steve Kuczenski

Carol Hernandez

Teri Fischer

Lisa Sword

Dana Rodgers

Malina Davies

Christi Connelly

Jenni Dyrdahl

Wes Graves

Tom Steward

Bonnie Mueller

Gary Brausen

Rachael Malmberg

Tracy Banitt

Steve Link

Michelle Gydesen

Lori Shipman

Renee Marerro

Tricia Wilkinson

Shelly Engfer-Triebenbach

Pete Hendricks

Judy Kenady

Rebecca Quaid

Jean Beales

Marilyn Petrich

Curt Anderson

Bonnie Ziskin

Phil Huston

Sharon Eggerichs

We remember those we have lost