MN Lung Cancer Screening Task Force

It all started in 2017 with the Minnesota Cancer Alliance’s MN Cancer Plan and a newly formed partnership between A Breath of Hope, ACS, and ALA, the three organizations that hosted the first meetings. The task force’s work ties directly to objective #4 in the state cancer plan: Increase low-dose CT scan screening among persons at high risk for lung cancer.

Today, the Minnesota Lung Cancer Screening Task Force is a collaboration of physicians, nurses, screening experts, and lung cancer advocacy organizations committed to getting eligible Minnesotans screened annually with low-dose CT scans. More than 28 healthcare organizations send their doctors, nurses, and screening experts to our meetings to share ideas for overcoming patient barriers and program challenges, as well as to celebrate system successes. As a collaborative body of healthcare professionals, we work to improve the number of Minnesotans screened for lung cancer and the quality of our programs for an increased five-year survival rate.

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