MN Lung Cancer Screening Task Force

It all started in 2017 with the Minnesota Cancer Alliance’s MN Cancer Plan and a newly formed partnership between A Breath of Hope, ACS, and ALA, the three organizations that hosted the first meetings. The task force’s work ties directly to objective #4 in the state cancer plan: Increase low-dose CT scan screening among persons at high risk for lung cancer.

Today, the Minnesota Lung Cancer Screening Task Force is a collaboration of physicians, nurses, and screening experts from all of Minnesota’s healthcare organizations, and lung cancer advocacy organizations committed to getting eligible Minnesotans screened annually with low-dose CT scans. As a collaborative body of healthcare professionals, we work to improve the number of Minnesotans screened for lung cancer and the quality of our programs for an increased five-year survival rate.

This year – in August of 2023 – A Breath of Hope will host a statewide lung cancer screening campaign to drive eligible Minnesotans into primary care offices to request their annual low-dose CT scan.

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