2023 Midwest Lung Cancer Summit Speaker

Allison Breininger – Caregivers: You’re Part of the Story


Allison Breininger has been a caregiver for her husband since 2011, through a bone marrow transplant and seven cancer diagnoses. Experiencing firsthand the ways that caregivers are unseen and unsupported, she founded the nonprofit The Negative Space, through which she shines light on the realities of caregiving, provides direct services to caregivers and educates and equips those who support them with concrete tools and strategies. She co-hosts the In Sickness podcast, provides individual coaching to caregivers nationwide, facilitates support groups and education sessions, partners with multiple organizations to more intentionally support caregivers, and sells caregiver gift boxes.

  • Website: www.thenegativespace.life
  • Podcast: www.insickness.care
  • Instagram: @negspacelife


Session Description

Join spousal caregiver and founder of The Negative Space, Allison Breininger, for a conversation on how every part of the cancer journey impacts the life and well-being of the caregiver.