Bonnie Ziskin

Bonnie Ziskin

Bonnie Ziskin had never been sick a day in her life. She describes herself as a driven individual who lives an adventurous and healthy lifestyle. She spends her time riding her bike, playing tennis, pickleball, sewing and being an artist. Bonnie lives life to the fullest and went back to school later in life (age 58) to pursue a healthcare career.

In October of 2014, Bonnie’s doctor insisted on an annual chest x-ray. This time, it showed a spot on her lung. After a low-dose CT scan and needle biopsy the spot was diagnosed as lung cancer. Bonnie underwent chemotherapy and had surgery to remove 20% of her lung.

Bonnie was monitored every 6 months with a C.T. scan thereafter. In 2017, Bonnie’s scan showed small nodules again in other lobes. They diagnosed this as Stage IV because it was the same cancer in other lobes. The Mayo clinic decided to remove another lobe and proceed with another round of chemotherapy and added immunotherapy.

The immunotherapy worked!!

Bonnie became an artist after receiving the immunotherapy at age 70. Art just seemed to flow out of every pore without any formal training. Her work is abstract in both Acrylic mixed media and fused glass. All of Bonnie’s art is done in vibrant colors that reflect the happiness and fun she exudes.

“If my art puts a smile on your face, my mission is accomplished.”

Bonnie’s art can be seen at her Naples, Florida studio in the Naples Art District where there are over 60 artists. Also look at her website In Minneapolis, Bonnie shows her art the months of May thru September. Please contact Bonnie with any questions at .

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