Congratulations to ABOH’s $10,000.00 Lung Screening Winners!

Abbie Begnaud, Pulmonologist (MD) and Asst Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota.

The Lung Cancer Screening program at the University of Minnesota is a comprehensive, patient-centered program offering participation in active research and assistance with smoking cessation. Like many programs, our accessibility is limited by lack of uniform insurance coverage. We have a competitive out-of-pocket price ($99) for all eligible patients. But unlike other programs, the University of Minnesota screening program is the only in the state of Minnesota designated a center of excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance. Centers of Excellence provide evidence-based care with a multidisciplinary approach, including participation in ongoing research as well as smoking cessation tools for current smokers. Our dedicated thoracic oncology group consists of pulmonologists, oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and nurses who devote themselves to lung and thoracic cancers. Read more