Curt Anderson

Curt Anderson

Curt Anderson began experiencing symptoms late in 2010. A chest X-ray proved negative, but gratefully his pulmonologist suggested a CT scan “just to be safe.” The scan showed a large tumor in his right lung which turned out to be non-small cell lung cancer. It did not appear to have spread beyond the lung. In 2011, Curt underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgery to remove his right lung. Today, Curt is very thankful to be among the fifteen percent of lung cancer patients who have survived this deadly disease.

Curt is dedicated to increasing awareness of lung cancer, which will result in increased survival rates, and to reducing the funding gap in funding lung cancer research. Since completing his treatment in 2011, Curt has served as a volunteer, a committee member, an ambassador and a fundraiser for A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in management and finance from St. Cloud State University, Curt spent most of his career in the investment securities industry as a product line manager, a sales manager and a manager of investment adviser representatives. Today, he makes his home in Minnetonka, Minnesota and is an instructor and senior content specialist in the areas of investment securities and insurance.

Thanks to devoted volunteers like Curt, we are able to bring lung cancer knowledge to more people everyday. Please join us in the fight to end this disease through:

  • Increased awareness about the many causes of lung cancer;
  • Increased public awareness about currently available, safe screening options for those at risk; and
  • Increased, fair funding for lung cancer research to change outcomes for all who are coping with lung cancer (smokers and nonsmokers, young and old, men and women).

Lung cancer is anyone’s cancer and every life is worth fighting for.

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