Judy Kenady

Judy Kenady

I LOVE the fall in Minnesota and clearly remember the fall of 2005 following my diagnosis of lung cancer. I recall sitting on the couch looking at the gorgeous, vivid colors of the trees and feeling so calm. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do other than trust in my faith, the physician’s, my family and friends to get me through whatever was to come.

That November 3, I had a lobectomy followed by chemo. I have been cancer free for 11 years!!

A friend of mine gave this to me shortly after my diagnosis.

What Cancer Cannot Do:

— It cannot cripple love

— It cannot shatter hope

— It cannot corrode faith

— It cannot destroy peace

— It cannot kill friendships

— It cannot suppress memories

— It cannot silence courage

— It cannot invade the soul

— It cannot steal eternal life

— It cannot conquer the spirit

I’ve carried it with me ever since.

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