Julie Brusegaard-Bissell

Julie Brusegaard-Bissell

Julie Brusegaard-Bissell was a vibrant young woman who touched many lives during her 38 years of life. A teacher, swimmer, loving daughter and sis-ter, faithful wife and devoted mother … she brought joy and laughter to so many who knew her.

After graduating from college, Julie taught Health and Physical Education for several years and in 2004, she returned to the Twin Cities where she married Bob Bissell and began teaching in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. Her family was thrilled to have her back and life was good.

In 2007 Julie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Blake. Bob and Julie felt blessed beyond imagination and doted happily on their first born in those early months. Sadly, those joyful days were not to last. Just seven months after Blake’s birth, Julie was diagnosed with Stage IIIB non-small cell lung cancer. Julie and her family were shocked and devastated. Throughout her ensuing battle with cancer, Julie was strong and loving, often holding up her frightened family with her undaunted courage and hopeful spirit.
One year after Julie’s diagnosis, her family laid her to rest.

Julie is remembered as living out her motto of “LIVE LOVE LAUGH” through the difficult days. She didn’t let many people see the physical and emotional pain she coped with daily and she remained optimistic and upbeat for those who loved her. Julie was an amazing person who died at 38, leaving behind a family and a baby boy who loved her dearly.

Like so many other families coping with lung cancer, the gap in research dollars spent on this—the deadliest of cancers—is devastating and difficult to accept. The resulting lack of information about the disease left Julie’s family with many unanswered questions and few options for treatment.

For Julie and others who deal with this unfair disease…

Please help A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation raise awareness and fund life-saving research. It is a matter of life and death.

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