Pete Hendricks

Pete Hendricks

In December 2014, I had a bad cough. By March 2015 the persistent cough was wearing me down. I saw my primary doctor who did an x-ray and saw a spot on my lung, but rather than doing a scan he suggested a change in medication. I sought out multiple opinions and medications, eventually returning back to my primary doctor who suggested blood work and ordered a scan. On June 19, 2015, my wife Judy and I went to the scan appointment. My doctor called me to tell me it didn’t look good and that it showed a cancerous tumor.

The following days were filled with biopsies, and scan after scan. The scans showed it was non-small cell lung cancer. In July, I saw my wife’s doctor (Judy is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed in May 2005) and began treatment of low dose chemotherapy one day a week and radiation five days a week for thirty three days. I then completed four treatments of chemo every three weeks.

My last chemotherapy appointment was November 23, 2015 and as of September 2016 I gets scanned every six weeks. Today, I remain as active as I can with neuropathy. I own my own business and go to work everyday. I’m strong and turning 76 this November.

We have done three events since I was diagnosed with stage IIIB non-small cell lung cancer [including the]…A Breath of Hope Lung Run/Walk Twin Cities. When as survivors of cancer you see the many other survivors it gives you HOPE. We want to see a November full of white as we see Pink in October. We need people to know their bodies.

“If you have had a cough for week, see your primary doctor. We will continue to do what we can for lung cancer awareness. Believe and have HOPE, there is always hope.”

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