Lung Cancer Research

Closing the Funding Gap in Cancer Research

Lung cancer claims more lives each year than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined, yet lung cancer receives disproportionately less government funding per cancer death than other types of cancer.

This fact means that private funding for lung cancer research that is focused on finding a cure is vital to saving lives. A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation raises funds to support outreach and A Breath of Hope Research Fellows, America’s most promising young researchers who have been identified through a national RFP process. Retaining young talent in the field of lung cancer research is critical to changing outcomes. Please join us, your donations will help us beat lung cancer!

Find out more about the current A Breath of Hope Research Fellows: Dr. Kamesh Bikkavilli and Dr. Manish Patel.



Congratulations to A Breath of Hope’s $10,000.00 Lung Screening Winners!

Abbie Begnaud, Pulmonologist (MD) and Asst Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota. The Lung Cancer Screening program at the University of Minnesota is a comprehensive, patient-centered program offering participation in active research and assistance with smoking cessation. Like many programs, our accessibility is limited by lack of uniform insurance coverage. We have a competitive out-of-pocket […] Read more