2020 Report, Radon and more!

Dear Friend of A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation,

Thank you for your partnership, your support and your ongoing commitment to our vision to defeat lung cancer. Whether you donated in 2020, volunteerquote imageed to bring groceries to someone living with lung cancer, attended a meeting or event, or simply lifted us up in your thoughts or prayers, we appreciate you and we never forget why you are here and how this disease has hurt your family.

2020 was 2020, right? As we begin 2021, we hope for easier days ahead, and celebrate the successes that happened despite this pandemic. Our research program was not affected by Covid-19 and we continue to announce new awards to make progress in fighting lung cancer. Visit our website to read about the research we are currently funding – www.abreathofhope.org.

While our patient driving program was furloughed last March, our support groups, free grocery and patient education programs grew. Have you seen the new immunotherapy module at youandlungcancer.com? Coming soon on that site: Comprehensive Biomarker Testing with a focus on underserved community access and education!

With vaccinations happening and easier days on the horizon, we begin our planning for the reopening of the driving program in March and are hopeful that our Golf Classic and 5K will be physical events in June and August. We know how much it means to you to come together as a community and we will do all we can to make that happen in 2021, with your safety at the forefront of our planning.

We are stronger together and as we start this new year, we simply want to express our gratitude for your support and encouragement.

On behalf of our board and staff, we wish you a happy new year and hope to see you soon!

Warm regards,
Nancy Torrison Executive Director