ABOH Releases Free Storytelling Resources Told Exclusively in the Native American Voice

Lung cancer is a leading cause of death in Native American communities and is usually caught late when it is difficult to treat. Many late-stage diagnoses could have been prevented through preventative lung screening.
In response to the threat lung cancer brings to the Native American population, and thanks to a grant from the Sioux Community and the Minnesota Cancer Alliance, A Breath of Hope created free storytelling video resources spoken exclusively in the Native American voice to encourage screening.
Our hopes for these free resources is that they will help Native American communities continue educating their communities about lung cancer and available screening for those who are eligible. Screening leads to earlier diagnoses and earlier diagnoses are easier to treat successfully.
A hearty thank you to our consultants – Dr. Abbie Begnaud, University of Minnesota Pulmonology and Wyatt Pickner, American Indian Cancer Foundation – who guided us in keeping the project authentic to the Native American culture.